The Chances Of Winning The Health Lottery

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I never win anything on the UK National Lottery..... Are my chances of winning the Health Lottery any better?

The Health Lottery is an alternative to playing the UK National Lottery draw, with 1m won in prizes every month including jackpots and an improved chance of actually winning a prize, for a price of just 1 per ticket.

As a result, the Health Lottery is gaining in popularity, particularly as it still offers a twice weekly draw and the same excitement of waiting to see if our numbers come out on a Wednesday or Saturday night, add to that that there are no plans to increase the cost of a ticket (unlike the National Lottery which now costs 2 a go) and you have a winning formula.

There are several systems and programs which promise to increase the odds of winning a lottery type draw, some of which require regular updates of the latest winning numbers, to try and work out the most common numbers. However, when it is an entirely random draw, every ball has the same odds of being included in the winning lottery numbers. You must also ask yourself one main question - if a computer program works to provide you with the winning lottery numbers, why does the author need to sell it when they could just live on their weekly winnings?

How to actually win the lottery.

There is no great secret for success in winning a really big lottery prize and sorting all your financial worries in one foul swoop. Anybody can manage it. All you have to do is buy a ticket with the numbers that are going to be drawn at the next draw. If you do this I can GUARANTEE you will win the lottery.

OK, so on a more serious note, there is no sure-fire method of ensuring that you win the lottery.

What is the Health Lottery?

Many countries throughout the world have introduced a state lottery system which is used to raise funds for the government, charities or a combination of both.  They have proved popular and many pay out prizes in excess of 1m, making millionaires the whole world over.  Everyone dreams of winning, but the odds against winning the biggest prizes (the jackpot) are stacked against you.

The Health Lottery actually predates the UK National Lottery (UK Lotto), as it originates from the National Health Service Lottery which had an abortive launch in 1988 (6 years before the launch of the UK National Lottery).  The original National Health Service Lottery was actually declared illegal, but eventually, the Health Lottery was relaunched in 2011.

Currently, around 20% of the ticket price from the Health Lottery is donated to good causes.  In contrast to the National Lottery, the Health Lottery has to be structured as 51 different society lotteries, each representing at least one local authority area in England, Scotland and Wales.  Each week, the monies raised are allocated to a different society (in rotation), and the distribution to good causes is then undertaken by the society concerned in conjunction with the People's Health Trust charity.

The main concept of the Health Lottery is very similar to the UK National Lottery - although here for each 1 line, you select 5 numbers from 50 and the draw consists of five balls being released at random, plus a bonus ball. Prizes are awarded for matching 3,4 or 5 of the main balls; with further prizes for matching 2, 3 or 4 of the main balls plus the bonus ball. 

The chances of winning the main prize by matching all 5 main balls is around 1 in 2 million (compared to the chances of winning the National Lottery's jackpot of around 1 in 14 million).

The prizes are also fixed for the Health Lottery, ranging from 10 for matching just 2 numbers and the bonus ball, to much larger numbers for matching all 5 main numbers (depending on the number of tickets sold).

The Chances Of Winning The Health Lottery

The chance of you winning any of the above prizes is approximately 108 to 1 (much higher than that of the National Lottery).

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