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From October 2015, the UK Lottery altered the odds of winning quite dramatically by adding 10 new numbers to the draw, so you now need to draw 6 winning numbers from 59 (instead of 49) in order to win the jackpot.  Whilst the odds of winning any prize have been reduced to 1 in 9.3 (from 1 in 54) this has been achieved by introducing a new prize (of a free lucky dip) for matching 2 numbers.

The odds of actually becoming a millionaire have, however, also been improved slightly (from 1 in 14 million) to 1 in 10 million - as the raffle draw has been increased to include both a 200,000 prize and a 1 million prize.

That said, at 2 a ticket, you are still better off either playing in a syndicate, such as that offered by LoveMyLotto, or by playing the alternative, Health Lottery.

The chance of you winning any of the above prizes is approximately 9.3 to 1 - it is reckoned an average of one million people per draw will win a prize.

So how do I improve my chances of winning?

Because the UK national lottery is a pure game of chance, there is only one way of increasing your chances of winning - enter more times!  However, at the cost of 2 per ticket, you would have to look to spend 200 to have a high chance of winning even 10 in one draw.  It is for this reason that many people look to join a syndicate at work or with their friends, so that you get several entries into a draw and then just have to share out the winnings between everyone (presuming you trust each other and everyone puts their money into the syndicate each week).

Play the National Lottery online

What if I want to hedge my bets and find a much better way of winning the lottery.

You can always join an online lottery syndicate, which will help to increase the number of plays you can achieve for each national lottery draw for your money, as well as spreading the risk of each time you pay your dues. 

Following the demise of Virtual World Direct, one of the more reputable UK based companies has now started to grow in popularity. LoveMyLotto offers packages starting from just 12 per month and for that fee, provides a range of entries for your online syndicate, including:

  • 2 entries in the Wednesday National Lottery draws each week
  • 2 entries in the Saturday National Lottery draws each week
  • 2 entries in the National Lottery daily play draw each week
  • 1 entry in each Tuesday and Friday EuroMillions Lottery draw (run by the National Lottery)
  • 2 entries in each UK millionaire raffle (run by the National Lottery)
  • 1 entry each day in the Lotto Plus 5 Draw (run by the National Lottery) (5 entries per week)
  • Each syndicate consists of only 21 people!

If you want even more entries, LoveMyLotto offers two further packages, up to 36 a month, which includes the following benefits:
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