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Have you ever dreamed of playing the lottery and becoming a millionaire.  Bet you have - we all have.  However, for the majority of us, that remains a dream and every week we play on the Lottery and cross our fingers.  Unfortunately, the odds of winning the main lottery prize (the jackpot) are stacked against you. 

The chances of winning any prize on the UK National Lottery is a massive 54 to 1 - that means that even if you play once a week for a year the odds are that you will not win anything back at all.

There is no sure fire way of reducing those odds - you can purchase all sorts of software on the internet which tries to look at the past results from games and identify the numbers which are most likely to be drawn, but the National Lottery remains a game of pure chance - the machines are independently monitored to ensure that every ball has a 1 in 59 chance of being drawn every week, so don't think that just because one ball has been drawn every week for the last 12 weeks, it will be drawn again this week!

The Play the National Lottery Online - official UK Lotto Website - It Could be You rules have even been tightened on the National Lottery's own website, after they have had to remove the possibility of accessing the website from overseas, due to some countries forbidding their residents from playing foreign lottery games (presumably to safeguard their own lottery schemes).

Forming a syndicate remains the best way of spreading your chances of winning the lottery, as it means that you get to play in more lines for your money.  The Official National Lottery Website contains a standard syndicate agreement which you can draw up to ensure that you are protected when you join a syndicate (ie. the winnings do not belong to one person, and any payment out is then not seen as a gift which could make it subject to Inheritance Tax!).

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